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WPMU Plugin Stats :: WordPress plugin
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Branch: develop

WPMU Plugin Stats

Contributors: cfoellmann, MadtownLems
Tags: WPMU, Wordpress Mu, Wordpress Multiuser, Plugin Stats , multisite, network, stats, usage
Requires at least: 3.8
Tested up to: 4.1
Stable tag: 2.2.0
License: GPLv2 or later
License URI:

Gives network admins an easy way to see what plugins are actively used on the sites of a multisite installation


This plugin give you a count and the listing of sites using your installed plugins.

Usage data is cached in a Transient (non-autoloading) but the data collection process can be a very expensive operation depending on plugin and (especially) site count. Check the FAQ for more details on caching.

Other Multisite Plugins

WPMU Theme Usage Info WPMU Plugin Manager

Requires a WordPress Multisite Installation

JavaScript needs to be enabled to see the list of sites using a plugin



  1. Install by searching "WPMU Plugin Stats" on Plugins > Add New > Search
  2. Activate by clicking "Network Activate"

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the stats data refreshed?

  • Auto refresh on every plugin activation and deactivation
  • Auto refresh on network/plugins.php if Transient is expired (2h/24h on large networks)
  • Manual refresh if you visit network/plugins.php?manual-stats-refresh=1

What happens on large installations

  • Auto refresh is not running on plugin (de)activation
  • Stats data is being regenerated every 24h (see action wpmu_plugin_stats_refresh)


  • [Filter] wpmu_plugin_stats_refresh - Manually set the expiration time of the data (Transient)


1. Extended Plugin Table on network/plugins.php

Extended Plugin Table on network/plugins.php

Upgrade Notice

ATTENTION: When you update to version >2.0 the plugin gets deactivated automatically. You need to reactivate by clicking "Network Activate". No data is lost.


2.2 (2015-01-15)

  • Integrated data into 'plugins.php' table
  • Moved from storing data in option to transient
  • Changed main filename resulting in a deactivation after update


  • fix for sites with empty title


  • added some hooks ** * testing for WP 3.8+ (Trunk:** 3.9-alpha)
  • removal of build tests for now
  • removed support for all external plugins for now
  • added cleanup of settings on removal (via uninstall.php)



  • translation support
  • fixes for WP 3.5
  • fix + update of tablesort js library


  • minor cleanups, should work with 3.4.2, and we'll go from here with better support!


  • updated for new network admin menu in 3.1, eliminated use of plugin on less than WP 3.0


  • minor tweak to eliminate content shift
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