DISCONTINUED - WP APP STORE HAS BEEN SHUT DOWN. Plugin for aMember that handles receiving the WP App Store's sale postback
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WP App Store Payment Plugin for aMember 3

Version 0.1
Developed and tested on aMember 3.1.8PRO

Payment plugin for aMember (version 3) that handles receiving the WP App Store's sale postback. Upon receiving a postback, the plugin goes through the following flow:

  1. Checks API key received against the one saved in aMember configuration
  2. Checks that the received product SKU exists in aMember
  3. Looks for an existing member with the received email address
  4. If no member exists with the received email address, creates a new member account and emails the generated username and password to the received email address
  5. Adds payment to aMember
  6. Sends the member an email, confirming that their account has been updated


  1. Download the latest zip of the plugin and unzip it
  2. Upload the unzipped wpappstore folder to your aMember /plugins/payment/ folder
  3. Login to your aMember control panel
  4. Go to Utilities > Setup/Configuration > Plugins
  5. Check wpappstore in the list and save
  6. Click the new WP App Store menu item in the navigation header
  7. In a new browser tab, login to your WP App Store dashboard
  8. Copy your API Key
  9. Switch back to your aMember browser tab
  10. Paste the copied API key into the WP App Store API Key field
  11. Set your SKU Vendor Prefix and save
  12. Make a note to review the rest of the configuration options later
  13. At the very bottom of the configuration options page, copy Your Postback URL
  14. Switch back to your WP App Store browser tab
  15. Go to Edit Publisher
  16. Paste the copied URL into the Sale Postback URL field and submit
  17. Once your submission has been reviewed and accepted, you will start receiving sale postbacks to aMember

When adding products to the WP App Store, you will need to specify a SKU for each product. The SKU should be a combination of the SKU Vendor Prefix you set in your aMember configuration and the aMember ID of the product. For example, lets say you're adding a theme to the WP App Store. In aMember, the theme's ID is 214. You've set ACME- as your prefix in your aMember configuration. When adding the theme to WP App Store, you should specify ACME-214 as the SKU. If you've already added themes or plugins to the WP App Store, you will need to update them with the proper SKUs.


  1. Login to your WP App Store dashboard
  2. Go to Sale Postback Test
  3. Scroll to the bottom
  4. Make sure the Postback URL is correctly set
  5. Click the Send Request button
  6. In a new browser tab, login to your aMember control panel
  7. Go to Utilities > Error/Debug Log
  8. You should see a message starting with wpappstore ERROR:
  9. Now you can go back to your WP App Store tab, adjust some of the fields, and try Send Request again


Receiving "wpappstore ERROR: No product with id ..."

It is likely you have not correctly specified the SKU Vendor Prefix in your aMember configuration, or you have not set the correct SKU for the theme or plugin in WP App Store. Please review the Installation section above for more details about SKUs.

Change Log

  • 0.1 (2012-04-14)
  • Initial release.