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Getting setup with WPAustralia

  1. Setup a local WordPress install
  2. Change into the directory of your install
  3. Remove your wp-content directory. To do this from the command-line run rm -rf ./wp-content/
  4. Now checkout the wpaustralia Git repository into wp-content. Do this from the command-line by running git clone --recursive ./wp-content/
  5. Get developing!

Repository Usage

WPAustralia uses a suite of Git Submodules for its plugins and themes.

Using submodules makes it easy to work individual repositories for each version. It makes patching a repo easier, and also switching between versions of a plugin a breeze. It's all the flavour of git, with 99% less fat.

Cloning the Repository

When using submodules, git clone and git pull will not gather all the files and resources of the repository.

To clone the entire WPAustralia repository, you need to include the --recursive flag.

git clone --recursive

If you cloned without the --recursive flag, never fear, you can achieve a similar result with the commands:

git submodule init
git submodule update

Keeping Submodules Up-to-date

Every time you pull the main project with a change to the submodule, you will then need to update the submodule repo. This can be done with the command:

git submodule update

Adding a New Plugin or Theme

Adding a new plugin or theme as a submodule to WPAustralia is easy, just use the following command:

git submodule add plugins/repo-name

Where username is the username of the Github user who owns the repository and repo-name.git is the repository name of the plugin. Finally, plugins/repo-name is the location where the submodule should reside.

Adding a theme submodule is just as easy:

git submodule add themes/repo-name

Editing a Plugin or Theme

When working in the git repository of a submodule, Git by default puts you in a detached HEAD state. This makes it easy to experiment, but also very easy to lose changes.

To avoid this, create and work on a branch in the submodule by running the following command inside the submodule's working folder:

git checkout -b branch-name

Pushing Changes

As WPAustralia does not own most of the Github repositories for the submodules used, they have read only access, so to push submodule changes to a Github, you will need to create your own repository and add it as a remote.

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