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First of all, you should prepare the development environment. I may suggest you the following:

And proceed with further instructions.

Once the environment is installed, you're ready to start developing your first WP Bones plugin.

In order to start to develop a WP Bones plugin, you must have a copy of WordPress files. You can download the last WordPress release from

Next, you need to download the WP Kirk boilerplate plugin starter kit inside wp-content/plugins/ folder. You can use either git command line or Github for Mac application.

$ cd wp-content/plugins
$ git clone -b boilerplate <your plugin folder>

Obviously, if you would like to see a complete demo of WP Bones features, then you can clone the demo branch:

$ git clone -b demo <your plugin folder>

Also, you can download the master version:

$ git clone -b master <your plugin folder>

Next, from inside your plugin folder try to run:

$ php bones

You should see:

  o       o o--o      o--o
  |       | |   |     |   |
  o   o   o O--o      O--o  o-o o-o  o-o o-o
   \ / \ /  |         |   | | | |  | |-'  \
    o   o   o         o--o  o-o o  o o-o o-o

Bones Version 0.9.7


 command [options] [arguments]

Available commands:
 deploy                  Create a deploy version
 install                 Install a new WP Bones plugin
 optimize                Run composer dump-autoload with -o option
 rename                  Set or change the plugin name
 require                 Install a WP Bones package
 update                  Update the Framework
 migrate:create          Create a new Migration
 make:ajax               Create a new Ajax Service Provider
 make:controller         Create a new Controller
 make:console            Create a new Bones command
 make:cpt                Create a new Custom Post Type Service Provider
 make:ctt                Create a new Custom Taxonomy Type Service Provider
 make:shortcode          Create a new Shortcode Service Provider
 make:provider           Create a new Service Provider
 make:widget             Create a new Widget Service Provider

Awesome! You are ready to start to develop your first WP Bones plugin.


Note: Before create your own Git repository, run $ rm -rf .git

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