Manages the content for the resources section on the main WPCampus website.
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Managing WPCampus Resources

This repository manages the content for the Resources section on the main WPCampus website.

The WPCampus community wanted to create an accessible and easy to maintain knowledge base for fellow WordPress users in higher education. We hope it's beneficial to you and your campus and that you'll consider "forwarding it on" by contributing your own knowledge and resources.

Want to request a resource?

We will monitor resource requests and questions in the Issues section of the repo.

First, check the issues to see if your request has already been submitted. If not, create an issue and we will do our best to gather information. If you have resources you'd like to share, consider contributing to the repo.

How to contribute

This repository uses wpcampus-wp-github-sync to sync the resources post content in the WordPress admin as files in the repo. You can add and edit WPCampus Resources by submitting changes to this repo.

In order to add to or edit the resources section of, please submit a pull request to this repo. Once approved, it will be merged to the repository and automatically published on the website.