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WP Dispensary Menu Management Software

The #1 Marijuana Dispensary WordPress Plugin. Make sure you ⭐ and πŸ‘€ this repo ☝️

Cannabis Dispensary WordPress Plugin

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βœ‹ WAIT! This repo is under active development. Download the latest stable release: v4.4.0.

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Dispensary Menu Features

WP Dispensary is packed with features to enhance the online presence of your cannabis business.

With WP Dispensary you can easily create an online menu for patients to browse your inventory in style. Go Pro and your patients can place orders directly through your website!

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Menu page auto-created on installation

When you install and activate WP Dispensary, a new "Menu" page is automatically created for you, pre-populated with the default [wpd_menu] shortcode.

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Define your dispensary style

CannaBiz is a commercial WordPress theme for the cannabis industry, built and maintained by WP Dispensary.

Along with full integration for WP Dispensary and WooCommerce, CannaBiz focuses on page speed and easy to use customization options.

You can define your brand style through the theme Customizer by choosing the right colors and fonts, optimize the layout for your specific needs and give your patients a truly beautiful experience unlike anything your competitors offer.

Translated into multiple languages

WP Dispensary has the following language translations included:

  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • German
  • French
  • Croatian
  • Czech
  • Georgian
  • Hebrew
  • Maltese
  • Dutch

Interested in having WP Dispensary translated into your language? Open an issue and let us know πŸ‘

Go Pro with WP Dispensary

Looking to take things even further? Our commercial extensions provide you with the capabilities you need to turn your online menu into a powerhouse sales machine.

We also have a WooCommerce solution

If you're looking for a WooCommerce solution for your dispensary website, we released the Dispensary Details for WooCommerce plugin that adds all of the required cannabis related details to your WooCommerce store.

This plugin works independently of WP Dispensary, and is a perfect solution for you if you're already comfortable working with WooCommerce and don't want to learn a whole new system.