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Shuffleboard is organized into three base projects: api, app, and plugins. plugins has additional subprojects that the main app depends on to provide data types, widgets, and data sources for basic FRC use.


Shuffleboard is installed by the WPILib Eclipse Plugins. It can be launched from the WPILib menu in Eclipse. It can also be run manually java -jar C:\Users\<username\>wpilib\tools\Shuffleboard.jar


  • JRE 11. Java 11 is required. No other version of Java is supported. Java 11 is installed on Windows by the FRC vscode extension. Users on Mac or Linux will have to install Java 11 manually.


To run shuffleboard use the command ./gradlew :app:run.

To build the APIs and utility classes used in plugin creation, use the command ./gradlew :api:shadowJar

To build the Shuffleboard application, use the command ./gradlew :app:shadowJar. By default, this will create an executable JAR for your operating system. To build for another OS, use one of the platform-specific builds:

OS Command
Windows 64-bit ./gradlew :app:shadowJar-win64
Windows 32-bit ./gradlew :app:shadowJar-win32
Mac ./gradlew :app:shadowJar-mac64
Linux 64-bit ./gradlew :app:shadowJar-linux64

Only the listed platforms are supported

To build all platform-specific JARs at once, use the command ./gradlew :app:shadowJarAllPlatforms


  • JDK 11. JDK 11 is required. No other version of Java is supported.