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Composer Installers for WordPress

This is a simple project to allow for easier support of WordPress-related paths when using Composer.


Project Packages (e.g. WordPress sites)

You can adjust the directories or paths using any of the wordpress-*-install-dir or wordpress-*-path properties listed below by including them in the top-level extra property of your composer.json file.

"extra": {
    "wordpress-webroot-path":     "web",
    "wordpress-content-path":     "components",
    "wordpress-core-install-dir": "web/wordpress"

The project package defined in the above composer.json will create a directory layout like the following:

Package Type: Install directory:
wordpress-core web/wordpress/
wordpress-theme web/components/themes/{$name}/
wordpress-plugin web/components/plugins/{$name}/
wordpress-muplugin web/components/mu-plugins/{$name}/

Component Packages (e.g. plugins, themes, etc.)

When defining component packages (such as of the types wordpress-core, wordpress-theme, wordpress-plugin, wordpress-muplugin and/or wordpress-devops-core) be sure to include a composer.json in the root of your component's Git repository that contains the following type of information:

    "name": "your-org/your-plugin",
    "description": "Your Plugin Description",
    "type": "wordpress-plugin",
    "require": {
        "wplib/wp-composer-installers": ">=1.0"

The component package defined in the above composer.json will be installed in www/content/plugins/your-plugin by default.


Package Types

"Composer Installers for WordPress" (wp-composer-installers) defines the following types of Composer Packages:

Package Type Description
wordpress-core WordPress core itself.

Note the standard WordPress directory layout with WordPress in the web root
cannot be supported by Composer so you will need to place it somewhere else,
such as defined by the WordPress Skeleon which useswp/ (this is our default).
wordpress-theme WordPress themes that you want Composer to install.
wordpress-plugin WordPress plugins you want Composer to install in the standard plugins
wordpress-muplugin WordPress plugins you want Composer to install in the must-use plugins
wordpress-devops-core A special package type for WP DevOps which includes scripts and config
files for building, testing and deploying WordPress projects on various
continuous integration services.

Or you may prefer another well-known configuration such as which uses app/

Install Directory Properties for composer.extra

The following are properties that "Composer Installers for WordPress" will recognize if found in composer.json:

Package Type: Property that sets the directory: Default directory:
wordpress-core wordpress-core-install-dir www/wp/
wordpress-theme wordpress-theme-install-dir www/content/themes/{$name}/
wordpress-plugin wordpress-plugin-install-dir www/content/plugins/{$name}/
wordpress-muplugin wordpress-muplugin-install-dir www/content/mu-plugins/{$name}/
wordpress-devops-core wordpress-devops-core-install-dir devops/core/

If, for example, you wantyour WordPress core installed in www/wordpress you would set your extra property in yourcomposer.json to include the following:

"extra": {
    "wordpress-core-install-dir": "www/wordpress/"

Relative Path Properties for composer.extra

These additional properties allow you to fine tune the install directories:

Property Name: Default Relative Path Segment: Affects these Properties:
wordpress-webroot-path www/ wordpress-core-install-dir,
wordpress-plugin-install-dir, and
wordpress-core-path {webroot}wp/ wordpress-core-install-dir
wordpress-content-path {webroot}content/ wordpress-theme-install-dir,
wordpress-plugin-install-dir, and

So, for example, if you want your projects to use Bedrock, set your extra property in yourcomposer.json to include the following:

"extra": {
    "wordpress-webroot-path": "web/",
    "wordpress-content-path": "app/"

If this is not clear it might be easier to understand by viewing the source code. Look at how the protected property $locations is initialized.

About Trailing Slashes

When specifying directories or paths you may choose to add trailing slashes or omit them, your choice. Either way "Composer Installers for WordPress" handles them correctly so the following is valid:

"extra": {
    "wordpress-webroot-path": "wp/",
    "wordpress-content-path": "content"


"Composer Installers for WordPress" is intended to supercede the need for the Composer installers listed below for WordPress projects but its goal is to be compatible with the package types defined in these installers even if the default directories differ:


This is licensed using GPL version 3.


Composer Installers for WordPress projects




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