Manage listings from the WordPress admin panel to display on your website.
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Listings is built on the solid foundation of the WP Job Manager plugin. We decided to fork this project to provide a more generic listings plugin that could be easily extended for more specific use-cases.


Listings is available for free over on the plugin repository.


We decided to keep our core listings plugin quite lean and the real potential for more specific needs comes with our extensions. Here is the current list of available extensions for Listings available for free on


We're currently working on a handful of useful addons which will be compatibile with core Listings and extensions.


All Listings Documenation can be found here:


This GitHub repository is not a support channel. If you do have any support requests for our open source plugins on please use the following support channels:


Patches, bug fixes and feedback are most welcome so please open a pull-request or issue if you'd like to contribute to the Listings project.