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A Hadoop job that runs GATE applications
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Hadoop GATE

This project contains a simple Hadoop job that runs a GATE application.

This job runs an archived GATE application on text files comprised of one document per line. It produces sequence files containing XML representations of the document annotation. The GATE application is a archive file with an application .xgapp file in its root directory. This application is copied to HDFS and placed into the distributed cache.

The first positional argument is the GATE application. Subsequent positional arguments are input directories, except for the final positional argument, which is the output directory. A sample command might be

hadoop jar Hadoop-GATE-1.0.jar wpmcn.gate.hadoop.HadoopGATE input output

This project uses the new Hadoop API. It is built with Maven and demonstrates how to use Maven to package all the GATE dependencies into a single jar file.

The Behemoth project also runs GATE on Hadoop.

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