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Add Existing Users

INACTIVE NOTICE: This plugin is unsupported by WPMUDEV, we've published it here for those technical types who might want to fork and maintain it for their needs.


Translation files can be found at


Add existing users lets you quickly bulk add existing users to any site on your network.

Adding existing users to a site is now as simple as entering the email address attached to their existing username and selecting the level of access you want to grant them. Use nice simple forms, so it can be easily used by anyone.

Add Existing users panel

Simple forms easy for everyone

Perfect for importing multiple existing users into new and existing sites.


Start by reading Installing plugins section in our comprehensive WordPress and WordPress Multisite Manual if you are new to WordPress.

To install:

1.  Download the plugin file

2.  Unzip the file into a folder on your hard drive

3.  Upload /add-existing-users/ folder to /wp-content/plugins/ folder on your site

4.  Login to your admin panel for WordPress Multisite

5.  Visit Network Admin -> Plugins and Network Activate the plugin. That's it! No configuration necessary!

To use:

A new menu item called Add Existing Users should appear under the Users navigation menu in the site admin dashboard. It is designed for quickly adding existing users to a site in batches of up to 15 users. Use Add New Users plugin if you want to create and add new users in batches of up to 15 users Please note:

  • The users are immediately added to the site and automatically listed as users on theUsers page.
  • They can only access features in the site’s administration panel based on the role they've been assigned
  • Spam filters, especially strict ones for institutional email addresses, often block the emails that the login details.  If unsure use free webmail accounts such as gmail, hotmail that don’t block these invitation emails.

To add the existing users, administrators simply enter:

  1. The email address attached to their existing username
  2. Assign their role - you can find out more about different levels of access here.
  3. Once added they'll be sent an email with their login details -- their password will be blank since they just need to use their existing password

Adding existing users to a site


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