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INACTIVE NOTICE: This plugin is unsupported by WPMUDEV, we've published it here for those technical types who might want to fork and maintain it for their needs.


Translation files can be found at

Welcome emails are your chance to make a good first impression and, like any first impression, you only get one shot at it.

Automessage allows you to schedule custom welcome emails so you can roll out the red carpet for new users and engage with them from day one.


Create and manage a series of welcome emails.

Lights, Camera, Action

Setting up a new email in Automessage is as simple as creating a new action – a new user or new blog. Each time an action is triggered, Automessage sends out your scheduled email and any follow-up emails you create at times you choose. It’s WordPress SuperPowers for your email.

Get Personal

Your users are people, and not just any people – they are interested in your website and want to know more about what you have to offer! So why not personalize your emails with macros to dynamically address your users by name. They’re not just numbers after all.


Use the built-in macros to customize your emails.


Automessage is built to enhance Multisite and BuddyPress.

Seamless Integration

Automessage works like a charm on single sites, Multisite networks and BuddyPress installations. On Multisite networks, you’ll see an additional option for Blog Level Messages, allowing you to schedule emails when a user registers a new site on your network.

Create a Welcome Email Campaign

Don’t just stop at one email – create a series of emails over several days to help new users get to know your product or service. After your initial email you may want to alert new users to specific areas of your site where they can find helpful information, access videos or trial a product. This is where a welcome series comes in handy.

Control the Flow of Emails

Rather than overload users with new information in one welcome email, a series lets you drip feed information about your website in digestible chunks. It also encourages users to visit your site over several days (and form an all important habit of visiting your site) while also getting to know your brand. With Automessage, you can schedule follow up emails as part of a welcome series for up to 31 days.

Why Send Welcome Emails?

Welcome emails introduce subscribers to your brand and are high-performing in terms of open, click and transaction rates. Subscribers receiving welcome emails are getting them because they have signed up to your website and are interested in what you have to say. They want your emails!

Email Marketing Research


74.4% of consumers expect a welcome email when they subscribe.



**Subscribers who receive a welcome email show, on average, 33% more long-term engagement with that brand.



**Welcome emails generate four times the total open rates and 5x the click rates compared to other bulk promotions.


Welcome emails can see more than three times the transactions and revenue per email over regular promotional emails.

New customers might need a little help getting started with your product or service so setting up a single email or onboarding series of emails can show them everything your website has to offer.

Integration With WPMU DEV Plugins

Take full advantage of the 140+ premium plugins included with your WPMU DEV membership by pairing them with Automessage.


For help with installing plugins please refer to our Plugin installation guide.

Once installed login to your admin panel for WordPress or Multisite and activate the plugin:

  • On regular WordPress installs - visit Plugins and Activate the plugin.
  • For WordPress Multisite installs - Activate it blog-by-blog (say if you wanted to make it a Pro Site premium plugin), or visit Network Admin -> Plugins and Network Activate the plugin.

Usage Instructions:

1. Click the Automessage tab at the bottom of the action menu from your dashboard.

Automessage Menu

If MultiSite is enabled, you will see both a "Blog Level Messages" option and a "User Level Messages" option in the Menu. Standard WordPress installations only display the "User Level Messages" menu item.

2. Select the level of message you would like to create, and then click "add new" to generate a new add action form.

3. Select the action that triggers the message to be sent. (The default installation only has one action for each level.)


4. Select the time delay after the username or blog is created in which you want the email to be sent.


5. Insert a message subject. (This content will appear in the email subject line.)


6. Add your desired message. (This content will appear in the body of your email.)


7. Click "add action" -- and your message will be scheduled for delivery. The message will be in plain text but HTML emails are possible by using Automessage along with HTML Email Templates. NOTE:

  • If you hover your mouse over the title of an Action it brings up the menu for that action and you can edit the message


** Easily Edit the Message

** Pause will pause the Message and not send til unpaused

** Process will send the message right away

** Quickly Delete the Message

      You can set each message to:

  • Go out x days after an event, e.g. x days after a new blog is created.
  • Differentiate between actions like creating a new blog and creating a new user.


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