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Comment Indexer

INACTIVE NOTICE: This plugin is unsupported by WPMUDEV, we've published it here for those technical types who might want to fork and maintain it for their needs.

Supercharge how comments are shared and managed across your network and build a powerful foundation for Multisite interaction.

  • Power global comment sharing for Multisite
  • Manage network comments in new ways
  • Catalog comments across a network
  • Expand network comment plugins
  • Great tool for developers
  • Pairs with Post Indexer

Comment Indexer is the engine that makes global comment sharing on Multisite possible.

It works behind the scenes to catalog your comments, providing a foundation for other plugins to display your content in new and exciting ways.

Manage Multisite Comments in New Ways

We built Comment Indexer to work together with other plugins to harness its power.

While Multisite is a powerful tool, one of its biggest limitations is the lack of control you have for displaying comments and content from different sites on your network in one place.

We've built a huge collection of plugins that can help you do that, but those plugins need an index of all the different comments and posts on your network to pull from. This is where Comment Indexer comes in.

Expand Global Comments

We've developed a robust collection of plugins that work around Comment Indexer to extend Multisite's capabilities.

  • Recent Global Author Comments Feed – Display a global feed of comments from a single author made across multiple sites on the network
  • Recent Global Comments Widget – Display the latest comments from across your entire network
  • Recent Global Comments Feed – Provide a RSS feed of the latest comments on your network
  • Post Index Summary – Provide an overview of indexed post types and most indexed sites
  • Post Indexer Stats and Graphs – Post Indexer helps you keep track of exactly what is being stored on your global index with rich statistics and graphs
  • Indexed Post Types – A simple graph that visually illustrates indexed post types by usage percent
  • Recently Indexed Posts – View and access recently indexed content with linked post titles and site names
  • Most Indexed Posts – View a clear, bold bar graph to see what posts have been indexed most

Reimagine What Multisite Can Do

Pair Comment Indexer with our Post Indexer plugin and expand your global index to include comments from across your network.

  • Reader – Turn your Multisite into a community, complete with Tumblr, and Edublogs-style "Follow" features
  • Anti-splog – Stop splogs in their tracks
  • Blogs Directory – A fully searchable, avatar inclusive, automatic and rather good-looking directory of all the sites in your network
  • Global Site Search – Activate global search across all of the sites on your network with ease
  • Global Site Tags – Display global site tags for your entire network
  • Tag feed – Display a list of posts that have been tagged with a specific tag or category
  • Recent Global Posts – Display a list of recent posts anywhere on your site using a simple shortcode or template function
  • Recent Global Posts Widget – Display the latest posts from across your entire network
  • Recent Global Posts Feed – Create an RSS feed of all the latest posts on your network
  • Live Stream – Display your own slick animated Live Stream Widget
  • User Reports – Track user posts and comments across your network

To Use:

This plugin by itself does not provide any features to your users. It’s simply a backend plugin that can be used to build other features.

1. Install the Comment Indexer.

2. Visit Plugins in your network admin dashboard and Network Activate the Comment Indexer plugin there.

  • The Comment Indexer is designed to index comments from the time it is installed on your site.
  • The Comment Indexer can’t index comments that were published prior to being installed. e,g. _ comments published prior to it being installed won’t display in your Recent Global comments widget_

3. Once installed check it is working by publishing a new comment and see if the comments shows when used with a plugin like Recent Global Comments Widget

  • Make sure the comment is published on a site with privacy set to ‘Allow search engines to index this site.’
  • Check Global tables installed correctly if have any issues.


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