Collect donations, crowdfund or kickstart your project with Fundraising for WordPress. Cut out the middleman and put more money into your project. Set funding goals and reward packages, or build a donation page with recurring payments.
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Fundraising WordPress Plugin

INACTIVE NOTICE: This plugin is unsupported by WPMUDEV, we've published it here for those technical types who might want to fork and maintain it for their needs.

Crowdfund your next project complete with funding goals and reward packages, or quickly build a single donation page with recurring payment options.

fundit-home-735x470 Create, host and manage your fundraisers and keep all the proceeds.

More Money for Your Project

Services like Kickstarter and Indiegogo take as much as 11% for admin and processing fees. Lose the outrageous fees and put the funds directly into your nonprofit, indie record release, or crazy invention instead.

Power Features & Simple Setup

If you're looking for a heavy duty fundraising system with thousands of settings – this isn't it. Other plugins can do that. Fundraising adds just the power-features for simple crowdfunding and quick setup.

funding-page-735x470 All the key features to easily manage a fundraiser on your site.

fundraising-shortcode-735x470 Quickly insert Fundraising features into any post with the shortcode generator.

Integrate With Your Theme

The easy ‘getting started’ guide will have you creating fundraisers immediately. Five included style templates, the in-post shortcode generator and built-in widgets make integration with your existing theme simple.

Easy Payment Processing

Fundraising includes Paypal integration for convenience or lets you keep 100% of the donation with a manual processing option. Watch your progress bar climb. Process gifts in real-time at your next event. Input cash gifts, credit cards and pledges.

Rewards & Milestones

Set a start and end date with a specific goal and wait to take payment until the project is funded, or take donations as they come in. Create reward packages and limit availability to motivate potential supporters. Fundraising makes it easy!

fundraiser-simple-735x470 Offer rewards to help inspire users to respond quickly

Fundraising in all Shapes & Sizes

From simple donations to reward-based crowdfunding, Fundraising has you covered.


Simple Donations

Take continuous donation with no end date. Great for non-profits and donor supported organizations.


Advanced Crowdfunding

Authorize pledges, then wait to process payments until after your goal is reached – like Kickstarter.


Display Styles

Choose one of the included styles (Basic, Dark, Fresh, Minimal, Note) or create a custom style.


Start & End Date

Schedule your start date and end date to create urgency with time sensitive projects.


Thank You & Follow-Up

Built-in automated response emails send thank you messages and confirmation emails.



Set support levels and reward donors with a sticker, t-shirt or early release of your coffee table book depending on how much you give.

User Access Control

Work with a team? Give each user level permission to access only the fundraising features they need. From managing users and fundraisers to pledges and settings.

Crowdfunding Network

Fundraising is built to work with WordPress, Multisite and BuddyPress. Get creative and pair Fundraising with other well-coded plugins – like Pro Sites. Build and host your own awesome crowdfunding network. Charge a premium for the ability to run campaigns.