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INACTIVE NOTICE: This plugin is unsupported by WPMUDEV, we've published it here for those technical types who might want to fork and maintain it for their needs.


Translation files can be found at

Moderation lets you manage comments and user generated content from across your entire network from one place–just like the big online news sites.

Classy Content

This powerful plugin allows users to report inappropriate posts and comments, and sends flagged content to one convenient location where designated moderators can send a warning or even completely remove a blog or user.

A Complete Solution

Configure a massive range of messages and options including which users you want to be moderators, whether they can remove users or blogs, different reasons for reporting different styles of content and notes that can be sent to users.

Simple Flagging

Moderation adds a simple 'Report this Post' / 'Report this Comment' option to each post and comment.

It even keeps a handy record of warnings made against each user. Moderation is the perfect tool for growing a safe, successful, Multisite with user generated content.

To install:

  1. Download the plugin file
  2. Unzip the file into a folder on your hard drive
  3. Upload /moderation/ folder to /wp-content/plugins/ folder on your site
  4. Visit Network Admin -> Plugins and Network Activate it there.

Note: If you have an older version of the plugin installed in /mu-plugins/ please delete it. After you Network Activate the plugin, you will see a menu appear on the Network Admin Dashboard with the Moderation tools! *The Moderation Menu will also be visible in the Main Site Admin Menu as well To configure the settings for the Moderation Tools you will need to visit the Network Admin>Settings Menu   The items you input in the "Report reasons" meta boxes must be one per line.  The plugin will use these items in a dropdown to present the reporter with options of why they are reporting the post/comment/blog.

It's VERY important to note: The moderation tools will ONLY be available on the subsites, NOT on the main site


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