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Random Theme

INACTIVE NOTICE: This plugin is unsupported by WPMUDEV, we've published it here for those technical types who might want to fork and maintain it for their needs.


Translation files can be found at


Activate a random theme for new Multisite signups.

Random Theme activates a random theme for new sites or blogs on your Multisite network. Rather than seeing the same old default theme on every new site, users get a much fresher experience.

Using this plugin adds variety and interest to any Multisite install Installation is simple, just activate the plugin from the WPMU DEV Dashboard and then network enable the themes you want to use.

Activate the themes you want across the network After that, new users who create sites will be allocated a random theme.

After signup new sites will be allocated a random theme Making your Multisite install that much more interesting.

How It Works

When new sites are created they are automatically assigned a new random theme.

So instead of each new site looking the same they all look different!

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