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Select Language at Signup

INACTIVE NOTICE: This plugin is unsupported by WPMUDEV, we've published it here for those technical types who might want to fork and maintain it for their needs.


Translation files can be found at


Select Language at Signup gives users the ability to set the site language when creating a new site on your WordPress Multisite network.

The Ultimate Language Selector

If you manage a multilingual network, Select Language at Signup is a must. Give users the ability to select what language fits their needs from the start. Add a language selector to your Multisite signup page, extending control and adding functionality for your users.

A Convenient Quick Start

Activate or install any language you would like to make available to your users and it's automatically added to the language selector. Select Language at Signup does all the work. Pulling languages you make available directly from WordPress core Language Settings.

Expand Your User Base

With over 50 included WordPress translations, and the ability to translate into any language, creating a global network has never been easier. Offer multilingual site configuration, out-of-the-box, with Select Language at Signup.

To Use

Once network activated the Select Language at signup option automatically appears on your sign up page.

Changing Language network wide

1. Go to Settings in the Network Admin dashboard.

2. Select the default language.

3. Then click Save Changes.

Changing language on a per site basis

Users can override the default network language settings and set their own preferred default language using Settings > General.

1. Click on Setting > General in the site admin dashboard.

2. Select the default language under site language.

3. Then click Save Changes


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