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Social Marketing

INACTIVE NOTICE: This plugin is unsupported by WPMUDEV, we've published it here for those technical types who might want to fork and maintain it for their needs.


Translation files can be found at

Build a buzz with Social Marketing by offering an incentive to users that share your site, product or service on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.

Give users a way to share your with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+.

Give users a way to share your with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+.

Reach More People

Give users a way to unlock incentives with a Like, share or mention on any of the popular social networks. Reach a wider audience. Offer coupons, discount codes or a free download for users that choose to share your site with their friends.

Guided Setup (It's really fast)

Tool tips and step-by-step setup ensure you are getting the most out of Social Marketing from the get go. Our guided configuration option will literally have you up and running in minutes.

Special offers that make people stop and share.

Special offers that make people stop and share.

Ads That Stand off the Page

Integrate Social Marketing ads from the built-in styling options with little effort using the super simple shortcode generator. Grow your personal business, sell in-post ads or use as an upgrade with Pro Sites.


Start by reading Installing plugins section in our comprehensive WordPress and WordPress Multisite Manual if you are new to WordPress.

To install:

Login to your admin panel for WordPress or Multisite and activate the plugin:

  • On regular WordPress installs - visit Plugins and Activate the plugin.
  • For WordPress Multisite installs - Activate it blog-by-blog (say if you wanted to make it a Pro Sites premium plugin), or visit Network Admin > Plugins and Network Activate the plugin.

Once installed and activated, you will see a new Social Marketing menu item in your sidebar.

Social Marketing Menu

Configuring the Settings

Select the Getting Started page for a 3-step guided walkthrough.

Social Marketing Getting Started

Now click on the Configure your settings button in the guide, or the Settings menu item.

Social Marketing Settings

1. Select your javascript settings.
2. Set the default appearance.
3. Toggle "Getting Started" on/off.

1. In the Javascript section of the settings, you can select the scripts that should or should not be loaded depending on whether they are already used on your site or not.

  • For example, if you are using a sharing plugin like Ultimate Facebook, you may want to set Facebook to "No" to prevent conflicts, if any.

2. The Appearance section enables you to set the default appearance for all your social ads.

  • First select which base color theme you wish to use, or check the box below to override the plugin styles and use your theme styles instead. You could also use a handy plugin like this one for all your custom CSS needs.
  • You can choose to Enable lazy dependency loading to improve page loading speed if needed.
  • Lazy loading requires a hook in order to know which pages to load the required scripts on. If your theme does not use the default hook, you can set a custom one in the Lazy loading hook setting.

3. Finally, select whether you want the Getting started page to display as a helpful reminder even after you save your settings.

Creating a Social Ad

Click Create Advert in the Getting Started guide, or Add New in the Social Marketing menu. You'll see a very familiar post editing screen where you can create your ad.

Social Marketing Add New

Simply enter any content you want displayed in your social ad just as if you are writing a post, including media.

  • Note that if you want video in your ad, it may be best to use an embed code to ensure it displays properly.
  • Also note that Social Marketing uses custom post types for Advert creation. Viewing or previewing these posts will simply display the content in your theme's default template and not give you the desired results. Instead, you need to add the Advert to a separate post or page in WordPress (we'll get to that below).

Now let's set some specific display options. Just under the post editor, you'll see where you can Set up Social Marketing for this ad.

Social Marketing Add New Configure

1. Enter the URL to share.
2. Enter your button text.
3. Select what your users will get when they share.
4. Enter the download URL or coupon code.
5. Enter your Thank-You text.

1. First enter the URL to Share. This is the URL site visitors will land on when they click through from the social services. It can be any URL, even one not on your site. 2. Then enter the Button Text you want displayed on the "share" button. 3. Select the Type of share.

  • You can select whether to reveal a download URL or a coupon code when users have shared.

4. Enter the appropriate information in the next field.

  • If you selected Download URL above, enter the URL to the file you want your users to be able to download. Note that if you are using a plugin like Membership and have protected your downloads folder, this should be the protected URL. :)
  • If you selected to reveal any kind of coupon code, enter that code here.

5. Finally, enter any Thank You Text you want to display once users have shared your content. The final step in configuring your ad is to select which social sharing services you want enabled.

Social Marketing Services

Simply select Show or Don't show for each of the available services to enable or disable them for this particular ad. Once you're done setting up your advert, click the "Publish" button. Now when you click the Social Marketing menu item, you will see your new ad listed. You can see at a glance when it was created, what type of share it is, and what services have been enabled for it.

Social Marketing All

Displaying an Ad

Displaying any ad you have created in your pages & posts couldn't be any easier. First open the editor for the page where you want to display your ad. Then click the Insert Social Ad icon right next to the Add Media button.

Social Marketing Insert

A modal window will pop up giving you a few additional options to configure.

Social Marketing Insert Modal

Simply set the alignment and click the Insert Social Ad button next to the one you want to insert. If you are going to be adding your own CSS to customize the style, click the Advanced link to reveal some additional, optional settings that can come in handy.

  • Additional CSS classes (link) enables you to assign a custom CSS class to the main ad wrapper.
  • Additional CSS classes (container) enables you to assign a custom CSS class to the content wrapper of the modal that pops open when users click the share button in your ad.

Once you've added your ad to your post, you'll see the shortcode automatically added.

Social Marketing Insert Shortcode

If you want to include Social Marketing ads in text widgets or other areas of your site, simply copy the shortcode from the post editor and paste it wherever you need it! Now when you view or preview your page or post, you'll see your spanking new social ad!

Social Marketing In Page

Click the share button to launch the modal with all the social services you had selected earlier.

Social Marketing In Page Modal

Once the user has shared your content with any of the services, your download link or coupon code will be revealed with your Thank-you message.

Social Marketing In Page Shared

And that's all there is to it! We hope you get the most out of Social Marketing.


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