incorporate Foundation for Emails in a MVC Environment
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Through the use of self introduced .inky.cshtml files you can use the automated Foundation for Emails workflow in a .Net environment.


  • put emails.js in your gulp tasks.
  • install packages: npm i --save-dev fs lazypipe inky gulp-load-plugins siphon-media-query yargs foundation-emails gulp-if gulp-replace gulp-rename run-sequence gulp-sourcemaps gulp-sass gulp-inline-css gulp-htmlmin
  • add paths to gulp config file, chck if they are correct
  • add require to gulp file, if needed: require('./gulp-tasks/emails');
  • add styles to styles folder: mail.scss
  • add folder structure to your styles and be sure to include the files defines in mail.scss: 9_email emails.settings foundation-emails ...
  • for reference how to write inky code:


Ignore Tags

There might be snippets of code where you want inky to back off. Inky loves to close tags, but c# need to be left as is. Wrap this piece of code in ingnore tags and it will be skipped in the inky processing.


Framework independent

  • add framework options (e.g. MJML ).

Watch Files

  • there is no view files implemented at this point, assuming you already have this in your main gulp tasks. A seperate watch for emails would be useful to kick in the email task to make it more modular.