The 4th dimension game is a 3D board game for 2 to 4 players.
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#4thDimensionGame think in a new dimension and outside the box!

Main features

  • think in a new dimension and outside the box - the game board is in all three dimensions
  • roll a cube like a normal dice and it will change its property, then place (push) the cube at a possible position on the board
  • Be careful! The 4th dimension can push/pull cubes together and will crush you from time to time.
  • some sides of some cubes can trigger special actions like rotate cubes, destroy a cube, mirror cubes on an axis
  • collect as many golden mini cubes as you can to buy new special cubes with special powers
  • special cubes (like the companion cube, classic mario cube, a typical minecraft cube) with special powers


play the game now

GitHub page of 4thDimensionGame


Collect as many golden mini cubes as you can during the game. You can buy special cubes with special powers with this mini cubes during the game, but is it worth it? It's up to you! Maybe you can use a special cube for your own advantage to get even more mini golden cubes or to block, prevent or harm an opponent!


The 4th dimension game is a 3D board game for 2 to 4 players. First each player roll a die. The player with the highest score begins. Each player set at the beginning of the game a token on one side of a cube on the board

Step 1: Player decide if he will use a random cube or a special cube of the player which he bought in an earlier round of the game.

Step 2: Roll the cube

Step 3: The rolled cube changes its property and shows a number of pips which the player can move his token in one and only one direction per turn.

Step 4: Select a possible place (green cubes) for adding the cube there.

Step 5: Select a the direction (a side) in which you want to move.

Step 6: The token moves to in the given direction and collect all mini golden cubes on its way to the destination face of a cube.

Step 7: Arrived at the destination side of a cube trigger the event of side if it has one.

Step 8: You can now buy special cubes with your collected mini golden cubes if you want

Step 9: next player

###Controller Use keys Q/Y to move in the z-axis (back/forth)

Use keys w/s to move in the y-axis (up/down)

Use keys a/d to move in the x-axis (left/right)

Use keys 1/2 to switch between the selection modes (CubeSelectionMode/SideSelectionMode)

Use key SPACE to add a cube at the current position

(The controller is designed for a QWERTZ-keyboard)

###Used libraries The lightweight java game library (LWJGL)

###What I want to say... The last few weeks were very interesting, I had a lot of fun and sometimes they have really challenged me. I learned something about graphic programming and how you should do things or not. This project is far away from completeness yet! At the moment it's "only" possible to add new cubes at the possible places and remove cubes. You can also select a cube or a side of a cube and move. Switching between CUBESelectionMode and SIDESelectionMode is also possible. I know, my code is a real mess but it does what it should do.