KSO/WPS internationalization support.
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KSO/WPS i18n

KSO/WPS internationalization support.


You need rcc and lrelease to compile language packages for KSO/WPS; Linguist is required to translate KSO/WPS. Typically you can find them in your distribution's repositories, but here are copy-and-paste commands for some popular distributions:


sudo apt-get install qt4-dev-tools


sudo emerge dev-qt/qtcore dev-qt/linguist

Setup for other distributions should be similar.

Directory structure

|-- default			# default resources
|-- sample			# template for new language
|-- dev				# dev tools
|-- en_US			# English support
|-- zh_CN			# Chinese support
...					# ...
|-- bin				# legacy
|-- doc				# legacy
|-- CMakeLists.txt	# internal build script
|-- README.md		# this file

Translation resources

For all the *.ts files, starting with et, wpp and wps means for WPS Spreadsheets only, WPS Presentation only, and WPS Writer only.

|-- hotkeylettermap.cfg        # Hotkey mapper
|-- localizedfuntionname.cfg   # Spreadsheets function localized name
|-- dgres.ini                  # For shapes (Insert -> Shapes)
|-- auth.ts                    # Authentication module (Windows only)
|-- etcore.ts                  # Core module translations for Spreadsheets
|-- etresource.ts              # GUI translations for Spreadsheets
|-- ettablestyle.ts            # Table style translations for Spreadsheets
|-- ettips.ts                  # GUI tooltips translations for Spreadsheets
|-- et.ts                      # Spreadsheets
|-- highresolution.ts          # For high resolution setting dialog (Windows only)
|-- kaccountsdk.ts             # For officespace (Windows only)
|-- kcomctl.ts                 # Common controls/widgets translations
|-- kde.ts                     # Kingsoft development enviroment (Windows only)
|-- kfeedback.ts               # Feedback (Windows only)
|-- khomepage.ts               # Home page
|-- kole.ts                    # Same as kde.ts
|-- kscreengrab.ts             # Screen capture plugin (Windows only)
|-- ksomisc.ts                 # Install/uninstall module (Windows only)
|-- ksotips.ts                 # Common tooltips
|-- kso.ts                     # Common core module
|-- ktreasurebox.ts            # Treasure Box (Windows only)
|-- kwpsassist.ts              # Assist plugin (Windows only)
|-- kxshare.ts                 # Same as kcomctl.ts
|-- launcher.ts                # Launcher (Windows only)
|-- multiclipboard.ts          # Multi-clipboard plugin (Windows only)
|-- officespace.ts             # Office space plugin (Windows only)
|-- qing.ts                    # Same as officespace.ts
|-- shareplay.ts               # Share play plugin (Windows only)
|-- wpp2doc.ts                 # Presentaion -> Writer convert plugin (Windows only)
|-- wppcore.ts                 # Presentation core module
|-- wppencoder.ts              # Encoder (Windows only)
|-- wpponlinetemplate.ts       # Online templates plugin (Windows only)
|-- wpppresentationtool.ts     # Presentaion Tool (Windows only)
|-- wppresource.ts             # Presentaion GUI
|-- wpptips.ts                 # Presentaion tooltips
|-- wpp.ts                     # Presentaion
|-- wpscore.ts                 # Writer core module
|-- wpsgallery.ts              # For Writer gallery
|-- wpsrecommend.ts            # Software recommendation (Windows only)
|-- wpsresource.ts             # Writer GUI
|-- wpsspeaker.ts              # Speaker plugin (Windows only)
|-- wpstablestyle.ts           # Table style
|-- wpstips.ts                 # Tooltips for Writer
|-- wps.ts                     # Writer

How to add a new language

If the language you're interested in is not present in the root directory, it means no one has translated it yet, and you need to add it yourself.

For example, we are going to add Vietnamese.

First you must find out the locale name for the language. Here is a list.

Now we know that vi_VI stands for Vietnamese. OK, let's create the directory.

cd dev
./new_lang.sh vi_VI

The directory is created at top-level of the repo. Next step is to edit lang.conf:

cd ../vi_VI
gedit lang.conf  # substitute with ${YOUR_FAVORITE_EDITOR}

You should now modify the DisplayName and DisplayName[en_US] settings, which will be displayed in the language chooser dialog.

And then, you need an icon for your language, named vi_VI.png in this case. For now you can ignore it.

Now save your changes and test:

make install

Note: If you're using A11p2 or an earlier version, root privilege is needed:

sudo make install

Restart WPS and you will find the new language.

Note: If you added a language, please immediately send us a pull request, in order to avoid duplication of efforts (and nasty merge conflicts).

How to install/uninstall a language

It's easy:

cd xx_XX
make install    # to install
make uninstall  # to uninstall

How to translate strings

There is a directory named ts for each language. There are several .ts files in the directory, which can be opened with Linguist.

cd xx_XX/ts  # substitute with actual locale
linguist wpsresource.ts

While you're at it, it's recommended to keep some .ts files from other relevant languages open side-by-side for reference, if that's the case. You can do it in Linguist, just follow the steps:

Linguist -> File -> Open Read-Only... -> choose a .ts file of another language

For example, if you're translating zh_TW/ts/wpsresource.ts you may want to occasionally reference to the zh_CN strings. Then you can open zh_CN/ts/wpsresource.ts for that.

You can translate KSO/WPS in any order you want. But we strongly recommend that you translate wpsresource.ts, wppresource.ts and etresource.ts first, because they comprise the main interface so a user reads these strings first.

Once you translated some strings and saved your changes, just run

make install

to install and test your work.

How to translate non-string resources

KSO/WPS will try to load resources first from the language-specific directory, falling back to the default directory.

If you want to translate non-string resources, for example templates, you can create a same directory structure as default in your language's directory, then copy-and-edit the file you want to translate.

For example, here's the steps to translate the normal.wpt template for vi_VI.

cd vi_VI
mkdir templates
cd templates
cp ../../default/templates/normal.wpt .
wps -t normal.wpt  # edit it

You're free to copy resources from other languages.

Note: Do not copy the entire directory tree from default; it's not a good idea. Please only copy the files you need.