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What is WP Shopify?

At its core, WP Shopify (WPS) syncs your Shopify data (products, collections, etc) directly into WordPress. We save the data as a Custom Post Type which gives you full control to decide how they look on the front-end. Contrary to the official Shopify plugin, we do not use limiting iFrames or restrict what data is synced. It’s your store pure and simple.

Behind the scenes, WPS uses Webhooks allowing you to manage your product details in Shopify while keeping everything updated in WordPress. In other words, if you change a product’s name, price, or any other related product data in Shopify that change will seamlessly happen in WordPress without any additional effort. Simple and easy.

The main philosophy behind WPS is to give you full control over how you display your products. In this spirit we’ve created many custom hooks as-well as easy to use shortcodes giving you the ability to change anything you want.

Finally, the checkout process is designed to be completely integrated. We’re using the Shopify JavaScript Buy SDK to manage the cart experience so when your user checks out, they’re sent directly to Shopify to finish the process.

Why is this needed?

We’re of the opinion that WordPress and Shopify should focus on what they’re best at. If you’re using WordPress the options for eCommerce are often slow, cumbersome, and potentially very expensive depending on the features you need. Likewise if you’re using Shopify, your CMS doesn’t come close to the capabilities of WordPress. So why not combine the best of both worlds?

WPS will give businesses the flexibility they need in communicating their brand to the world. Whether you’re using WordPress as a landing page to promote a single product or selling a whole store along side your blog, WPS will give you tools you need.



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