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Free premium wordpress theme, Paragams was made by special techniques and correspond a grid-based lightweight design with almost no images. Paragams, thanks to a number of custom advanced features is really easy-to-use, either for you or for your visitors. This theme is really fits any journalistic-type website whether it is a news-blog or some …

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Paragrams theme by

Paragams is free premium wordpress theme made using grid design techniques. It is very lightweight, almost no images are used. It include a lot of custom features and is easy to use. It’s perfect for almost everyone who want to write articles, news, or publish an online magazine. We also made a very cool drop-down menu and implemented some ajax stuff here and there.

1. Use 'Featured image' function in the right sidebar on your post screen to set up your posts featured image
2. Width for preview is 299px, but your wider images will be automatically resized to fit the theme design

Plugins Used:

1. Advanced Excerpt -

Plugins options:

1. Advanced Excerpt - Go to Settings - Excerpt and uncheck 'img'

That's it, happy using!
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