Code snippets for customizing and extending WP Simple Pay.
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javascript Add JS snippet for launching overlay with Beaver Builder pricing tables. Dec 21, 2018
.gitignore Simplify/standardize .gitignore Dec 18, 2015
add-cache-exclusion.php Add cache exclusion example Jul 20, 2017
add-customer-args-metadata.php New filter hook snippet: Add customer args & metadata Sep 26, 2018
add-fee-percent.php More comments for percent fee & amount fee filters. Jul 11, 2018
add-flat-fee-amount.php More comments for percent fee & amount fee filters. Jul 11, 2018
add-payment-metadata.php Rename function for clarity. Sep 26, 2018
add-subscription-args-metadata.php New filter hook snippet: Add subscription args & metadata Sep 26, 2018
admin-list-separator.php Add example to change the list separator delimiter in the admin Jul 10, 2017
before-form-close.php Add example for before form close action Jun 30, 2017
change-api-keys.php Add examples for changing Stripe API keys using non-form-specific fil… Dec 28, 2018
change-custom-amount-field-type.php Comments Jan 4, 2019
change-decimal-places.php Update decimal places example to a more practical example (0 decimals) Jul 3, 2017
change-decimal-separator.php Add example for changing decimal separator Jun 3, 2017
change-minimum-amount.php Add global minimum amount example. Dec 24, 2018
change-plan-labels.php Add example file for simpay_plan_name_label Aug 24, 2017
change-thousand-separator.php Add example for thousand separator Jun 3, 2017
charge-created.php Add generic template function for charge created action. Mar 21, 2018
conditionally-dequeue-scripts-styles.php When dequeueing scripts & styles conditionally, use priority 20 for P… Apr 19, 2018
create-wp-user.php Fix formatting to WP coding standards Oct 25, 2017
custom-failure-page-url.php Update description Aug 18, 2017
custom-locale-date-format-currency-per-form.php Add link to jQuery date format options Apr 13, 2017
custom-payment-button-class.php Add example for adding custom css classes to payment button Sep 28, 2017
custom-statement-descriptor.php Add statement descriptor filter example Apr 18, 2017
custom-subscription-plan-setup-fee.php Add setup fee filter example. Jul 11, 2018
custom-success-page-url.php Update description Aug 18, 2017
custom-tax-percent.php More comments for percent fee & amount fee filters. Jun 26, 2018
custom-template-tags.php Comments Nov 8, 2017
dequeue-jquery-ui-theme.php Add snippet: Dequeue jQuery UI theme used for datepicker. Mar 22, 2018
form-specific-filters.php Add tax_percent to available per-form filter list Jul 23, 2017
prevent-session-cookie-home-page.php Add snippet: Prevent session/cookie on home page Jul 24, 2018 Update readme Dec 7, 2017
replace-translatable-text.php Comment cleanup. Mar 30, 2017
subscription-created.php Correct function name in add_action Sep 4, 2017

WP Simple Pay Pro 3.x Code Snippet Library

This directory contains code snippets that apply to WP Simple Pay Pro 3.

Many of these snippets can be added as single-file plugins in your WordPress install.

Code snippets for WP Simple Pay Pro 2.x and Lite 1.x are found in the legacy directory.