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Copy Fresh WordPress Salts

wpsalts - Retrieve fresh salts from, and copy them to your clipboard.

Download WordPres Core

wpcore - Enter the desired version of WordPress core, and a series of terminal commands will:

  • Download the .zip to /Downloads
  • Unzip to directory with version name
  • Copy the unzipped directory to /Applications/XAMPP/blueprints for use in DesktopServer

Exampe: wpcore 4.8.1

Download WordPress theme

wptheme - Enter a theme slug and version to download it.

Example: wptheme light-clean-blue.1.2

Header Response Checker

headers - Enter a domain name to check the header response with Useful for diagnosing redirects.

Example: headers

Open Trac ticket

wptrac - Enter a Trac ticket number to launch that Trac ticket in your default browser.

SSL Certificate Checker

ssl - Enter a domain name to check for a SSL certificate with

Example: ssl

Sucuri SiteCheck

sucuri - Enter a domain name to check its status against Sucuri's free sitecheck tool:

Example: sucuri


whois - Enter a domain name to retrieve DNS records form

Example: whois