SharePoint Bookmarklets for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE, and Safari
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SharePoint Bookmarklets for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE, and Safari


All SharePoint Admin/Settings/Content URLs are available here, organized the same way the Site Settings are displayed.

Extra Bookmarklets

Extra bookmarklets include:

  • Add SPServices
  • Change User
  • Quick Deploy List
  • All People's Permissions
  • Filter Toolbar View
  • Quick Setup of Missing Default Groups
  • Site Usage
  • Site Usage Analytics - Monthly Reports
  • Create Admin Page
  • Edit Page
  • Get Fields (gets a specified list's fields)
  • isSharePoint (whether the current page/site is in SharePoint)
  • Register a SharePoint App
  • Save Site as Template
  • SharePoint Server Version & Patch Level
  • Show Page in Dialogue View
  • Site Contents
  • Site Settings
  • Taxonomy Hidden List
  • User Information List
  • User Information List Detailed View
  • User Profile Forced Display
  • Web Parts Maintenance Page Contents
  • Workflow History
  • Workflows

SharePoint Administration Bookmarklets

How to Use

  1. Download the latest release.
  2. Unzip.
  3. Navigate to the dist folder.
  4. Import the appropriate bookmark HTML file into your browser of choice.
  5. The use!

To use, simply click on the bookmark!

Importing into Chrome

To import the SharePoint bookmarklets into Chrome...

  1. Click on Settings (three horizontal bars) or on Windows Alt + F.
  2. Hover over or click on Bookmarks.
  3. Click Import bookmarks and settings.
  4. Change the From dropdown to Bookmarks HTML File.
  5. Click Choose File.
  6. Navigate to where the ChromeOperaBookmarks.html file is located
  7. Select file & click Open.
  8. Make sure Always show the bookmarks bar is checked.
  9. Click Done.

The bookmarks will be placed into a folder called Imported. To move the SP Bookmarklets out of the folder, click on SP Bookmarklets and drag to where you'd like for the bookmarks to appear in the Favorites Bar.

Importing into Firefox

To import the SharePoint bookmarklets into Firefox...

  1. Open the Bookmarks Tab.
    • On Windows, Ctrl + Shift + B (Or Alt + B & Click on Show All Bookmarks).
  2. Click Import and Backup tab, which will open a dropdown.
  3. Click Import Bookmarks from HTML.
  4. Navigate to where the FirefoxBookmarks.html file is located
  5. Select file & click Open.

The bookmarks will be placed in a folder called SP Bookmarklets. If you would like for these to be accessible from the bookmarks bar, click and drag the folder to the Bookmarks Toolbar folder.

Importing into IE

Currently, importing the IEBookmarks into IE11 is not working. I have no idea why at the moment.


To contribute, please fork and submit a pull request. New bookmarklets should have their own JavaScript file within src folder as Grunt will take care of adding the bookmarklet to the bookmarks HTML files. Please feel free to add any issues