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A digital currency backed by Blazecoin Foundation to benefit Volunteer Fire Departments
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Please don't download this source code right now, I'm in the middle of redoing the coin control aspect of Blazecoin. -- WPStudio

Blazecoin - a fork of Litecoin version with fast block time and faster confirmations (2 confirmations needed instead of 6). Like Litecoin it uses scrypt as a proof of work scheme.

- 30 second block target
- Difficulty retargets every 1 hour  (which means every 120 blocks it retargets)
- Total coins will be around 2,065,000,000.
- Block rewards will be 413 coins per block
- Block subsidy halves once per year.
- The default ports are 55414 (connect) and 55413 (json rpc).
- First 100 blocks only receive 13 coins
- Premined 1% in order to do matching fire grants. (Read more in the foundation area)

Note - Make sure you are always using the master branch for production use. The dev branch is for testing and coding.

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