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Docs for WP-Tide

We're managing the docs for the site here.

This repo uses branched out Docpress which is being tweaked and stripped down to allow integrating with WordPress.

It's a very basic WP theme that takes all routes into main index.php file where they are resolved to pull the static content generated by Docpress.

Doc Site Installation Details

To develop locally, run:

  1. git clone to clone this repo to WordPress theme folder.
  2. npm i to install the repo's dependencies.
  3. Link the local docpress packages and install its dependencies:
(cd docpress/docpress && npm link)
(cd docpress/docpress-base && npm link)
(cd docpress/docpress-core && npm link)
(cd docpress/docpress && npm i && npm link docpress-base && npm link docpress-core)
(cd docpress/docpress-base && npm i && npm link npm link docpress-core)
  1. Run npm run dev to build and watch assets.
  2. Activate the theme and visit the homepage.

Doc Site Activation Details

After the theme dependencies have been installed and the files have been built, you can activate "Tide Documentation Theme" just as you would any other theme in the theme menu.


docpress customized Docpress generator that we bundle with the theme docs is the root of the content source src contains all styles, scripts and layout

_docpress is the build folder, never place anything here as it will get overwritten


Pull requests are welcome.