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wq: a modular framework supporting mobile / web geographic data collection applications for citizen science, crowdsourcing, and VGI. Powered by Django REST Framework, jQuery Mobile, Mustache, d3, and Leaflet.
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wq is a modular framework for citizen science field data collection via offline-capable mobile web apps.

Getting Started

pip3 install wq

See the documentation for more information. See to report any issues.


wq is made up of the following submodules, which are maintained as separate packages.

Module PyPI Github Description
wq_app wq/ A JavaScript+Python library for building robust offline-capable HTML5 data entry apps.
wq_db wq.db wq/wq.db A collection of Django database models and REST framework to support design patterns common to data collection systems.
wq_io wq/ A Python interoperability library for consuming and generating data resources in various formats.
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