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Hadoop input and output formats
 * Added hadoop_input/output_format options
 * You can now specify a custom Hadoop streaming jar (hadoop_streaming_jar)
 * extra args to hadoop now come before -mapper/-reducer on EMR, so
   that e.g. -libjar will work (worked in hadoop mode since v0.2.2)
 * hadoop mode now supports s3n:// URIs (Issue #53)


fix bootstrapping mrjob
 * Fix bootstrapping of mrjob in hadoop and local mode (Issue #89)
 * SSH tunnels try to use the same port for the same job flow (Issue #67)
 * Added mr_postfix_bounce and mr_pegasos_svm to examples.
 * Retry on spurious 505s from EMR API


boto compatibility
 * Fix incompatibility with boto 2.0b4 (Issue #91)


 * Use POST requests for most EMR queries (EMR was choking on large GETs)
 * find_probable_cause_of_failure() ignores transient errors (Issue #31)
 * --hadoop-arg now actually works (Issue #79)
   * on Hadoop, extra args are added first, so you can set e.g. -libjar
 * S3 buckets may now have . in their names
 * MRJob scripts now respect --quiet (Issue #84)
 * added --no-output option for MRJob scripts (Issue #81)
 * added --python-bin option (Issue #54)


laststatechangereason bugfix
 * Don't assume EMR sets laststatechangereason


Many bugfixes, Windows support
 * New Features/Changes:
   * EMRJobRunner now prints % of mappers and reducers completed when you
     enable the SSH tunnel.
   * Added mr_page_rank example
   * Added script (Issue #21)
   * You can specify alternate job owners with the "owner" option. Useful for
     auditing usage. (Issue #59)
   * The job_name_prefix option has been renamed to label (the old name still
     works but is deprecated)
   * bootstrap_cmds and bootstrap_scripts no longer automatically invoke sudo
 * Bugs Fixed/Cleanup:
   * bootstrap files no longer get uploaded to S3 twice (Issue #8)
   * When using add_file_option(), show_steps() can now see the local version
     of the file (Issue #45)
   * Now works on Windows (Issue #46)
   * No longer requires external jar, tar, or zip binaries (Issue #47)
   * mrjob-* scratch bucket is only created as needed (Issue #50)
   * Can now specify us-east-1 region explicitly (Issue #58)
   * leaves Hive jobs alone (Issue #60)


Same code, better version. It's official!


Pre-release to run Yelp code against
 * Added debian packaging
 * mrjob bootstrapping can now deal with symlinks in site-packages/mrjob
 * MRJobRunner.stream_output() can now be called multiple times


Second pre-release after testing
 * Fixed small bugs that broke Python 2.5.1 and Python 2.7
 * Fixed reading mrjob.conf without yaml installed
 * Fix tests to work with modern simplejson and pipes.quote()
 * Auto-create temp bucket on S3 if we don't have one (Issue #16)
 * Auto-infer AWS region from bucket (Issue #7)
 * --steps now passes in all extra args (e.g. --protocol) (Issue #4)
 * Better docs
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