Perl scripts to add table of contents TOC to markdown, convert Dokuwiki to markdown
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A collection of Perl scripts to manipulate markdown files

MarkdownUtil is a collection of Per scripts that can manipulate markdown files.

All scripts require Perl 5 (not Perl 6), the minimum Perl version is Perl 5.8.


Apache License, Version 2.0

The scripts

Adds table of contents to Github flavored Markdown files.


  • Use <a> anchor tag as the TOC target. It doesn't depend on Github auto anchor feature.
  • Can selectively generate TOC for lengthy article with enough headings. (The --min-headings option)
  • Repeating the command on the same file will replace the previous TOC instead of adding more TOC.
  • Code blocks can be handled correctly, the code lines start with '#' won't be treated as headings.

Document for addtoc2md

Converts Dokuwiki page files to Github flavored Markdown files.


  • Support basic heading and format syntax.
  • Support URL link syntax.
  • Support image syntax.
  • Customizable.

Document for doku2md

Pull requests are welcome

Even though the scripts are quite simple, here are some work you can contribute.

  • Convert the Perl scripts to Python and PHP.
  • Add more functions to the scripts.