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@@ -4,6 +4,10 @@ Authored against Resque 1.15, so it at least works with that - try running the t
+If creating a gem of your own that uses resque-dynamic-queues, you may have to add an explicit require statement at the top of your Rakefile:
+require 'resque-dynamic-queues'
Start your workers with a QUEUE that can contain '\*' for zero-or more of any character, '!' to exclude the following pattern, or @key to look up the patterns from redis. Some examples help:
QUEUE='foo' rake resque:work
@@ -44,6 +48,13 @@ QUEUE='@key' rake resque:work
Pulls jobs from queue names stored in redis, with wildcards/negations
+task :custom_worker do
+ ENV['QUEUE'] = "\*foo\*,!\*bar"
+ Rake::Task['resque:work'].invoke
+ From a custom rake script
There is also a tab in the resque-web UI that allows you to define the dynamic queues To activate it, you need to require 'resque-dynamic-queues-server' in whatever initializer you use to bring up resque-web.