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Enhancing the consistency of spaceborne (SR) and ground-based radar (GR) comparisons by using quality filters

by Irene Crisologo, Robert Warren, Kai Mühlbauer, and Maik Heistermann

This repository contains the workflow script of the SR-GR comparison enhanced by using quality filters. To test the scripts, it is necessary to install wradlib.

The workflow is divided into three parts:

  1. Generating the beam blockage fraction (BBF) map and the corresponding quality map (Q_BBF)

  2. SR-GR matching (for TRMM | for GPM) incorporating the use of Q_BBF map in assigning a quality value for each matched point.

  3. Comparison and analysis of matched points. To switch between TRMM and GPM analysis, change the variable platf under section 3 to trmm or gpm.

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