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wradlib data

wradlib example data

This repository contains example data used by notebooks/examples from wradlib/wradlib


  • Download and unpack the archive master.zip
  • set WRADLIB_DATA environment variable pointing to the wradlib-data location
    • LINUX
      • bash: export WRADLIB_DATA=/path/to/wradlib-data
      • csh: setenv WRADLIB_DATA /path/to//wradlib-data
    • Windows:
      • current cmd: set WRADLIB_DATA C:\path\to\wradlib-data
      • permanent: setx WRADLIB_DATA C:\path\to\wradlib-data
    • MacOSX: should be similar to linux, but check with your favorite search tool


The provided data is used in wradlib notebooks and examples.