dev. notebook workflow

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Notebook Workflow

Here is a short write-up of the new wradlib notebook workflow

  • All future examples, tutorials and code recipes will be written as jupyter notebooks. They are available in the dedicated repository wradlib-notebooks.

  • Within Travis-CI the notebooks are rendered and pushed to the branches devel or X.Y.Z (MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH). The rendering is done with the help of package nbconvert.

  • The rendering takes place while running the notebooks as unittest with testrunner using nbconvert API. Code coverage can be measured in the same process.

  • For incorporation into docs the rendered notebooks will be pulled in by wradlib-docs into the sources directory by Travis-CI. Developers should add the notebook in the toc of the respective rst-file. Sphinx-extension nbsphinx transforms the rendered notebook to the doc-html output.

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