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DIY #redactionart

The story

The images in this repository are drawn from a collection of #redactionart discovered in ASIO surveillance files held by the National Archives of Australia in 2016. You can explore the entire collection of #redactionart here.

The story of this discovery was told on Twitter. There's more information in Turning the inside out, a keynote I gave to the annual conference of the Australian Society of Archivists in 2016.

In 2017, I exhibited The Redaction Zoo as part of 'Beauties and Beasts' at the Belconnen Arts Centre.

In 2021, I updated my redaction finder and reprocessed all the available ASIO files, finding some more #redactionart in the process. This is described in Secrets and lives, a video I presented at the (Re)Create Symposium.

The images

By tracing the original JPG images, I've created a series of SVG files. I used these to create badges and temporary tattoos.



All of the SVG images are available in this repository for you to download and use in your own #redactionart projects.

Creative people have already turned #redactionart into cookie cutters, a dress, and iPhone cases, and t-shirts. The story of its escape into the physical world continues to unfold.

Full file references are included to enable you to correctly cite each #redactionart image. The image filenames also include the file barcode and page number.

To make your own badges, simply upload the SVGs to your preferred laser cutting service. (I used Online Laser Cutting). Of course you can resize them as necessary in a vector graphics editing program.

For the tattoos I used StrayTats. I had to fill in the SVG outline and save as a JPG for upload.

If you make use of these files please share them using the #redactionart tag (you could also star this repository).

Have fun!

Page reference Original image SVG outline
NAA: A6119, 803, p. 15 8334664-p15.jpg 8334664-p15.svg
NAA: A6119, 803, p. 36 8334664-p36.jpg 8334664-p36.svg
NAA: A6119, 860/REFERENCE COPY, p. 63 11599548-p63.jpg 11599548-p63.svg
NAA: A6119, 877, p. 22 11981665-p22.jpg 11981665-p22.svg
NAA: A6119, 878, p. 42 11981680-p42.jpg 11981680-p42.svg
NAA: A6119, 778, p.8 12065786-p8.jpg 12065786-p8.svg
NAA: A6119, 780, p. 64 12065788-p64.jpg 12065788-p64.svg
NAA: A6119, 783, p. 53 12065791-p53.jpg 12065791-p53.svg
NAA: A6119, 783, p. 95 12065791-p95.jpg 12065791-p95.svg
NAA: A6119, 816, p. 14 12123559-p14.jpg 12123559-p14.svg
NAA: A6119, 211, p. 192 12141484-p192.jpg 12141484-p192.svg
NAA: A6119, 663, p. 6 12249101-p6.jpg 12249101-p6.svg
NAA: A6119, 778, p.55 12065786-p55.jpg 12065786-p55.svg


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