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bdrewery Merge branch 'maint'
* maint:
  Fix crash when clearing last botset entry for a bot.
  set_set: Remove redunant freeing of newxk when no old and empty new
  set_set: Always need to remove the old entry.
  set_set: If old==new then there's no need to do anything
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Wraith is an IRC channel management bot written purely in C/C++. It has been in development since late 2003. It is based on Eggdrop 1.6.12 but has since evolved into something much different at its core. TCL and loadable modules are currently not supported.

  • Wraith aims to be a secure and easy to setup and manage botnet.
  • A botnet can be setup in a matter of minutes and updated later with 1 command.
  • Leaf bots save no files locally, but rather store configuration encrypted in their own binary.
  • Hubs do not connect to IRC, and keep a local encrypted copy of the userfile.

All official sites, documentation, support venues, repositories and source urls are referenced here.

For official release announcements send an email to: wraith-announce-subscribe@botpack.net

Download: http://wraith.botpack.net/wiki/Download Git: git://github.com/wraith/wraith.git

See git for a list of Contributors: git shortlog -sen master


Please support wraith by signing up for a shell at http://www.xzibition.com (coupon 'wraith' for 30% off)

The botpack ghost inspired the early versions of wraith and a few cmds. einride ievil

The following botpacks gave inspiration, ideas, and some code: awptic by lordoptic optikz by ryguy and lordoptic celdrop by excelsior genocide by Crazi, Dor, psychoid, and Ace24 tfbot by warknite and loslinux