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/* new async dns
#ifndef _ADNS_H_
#define _ADNS_H_
/* RFC1035
TYPE value and meaning
A 1 a host address
NS 2 an authoritative name server
MD 3 a mail destination (Obsolete - use MX)
MF 4 a mail forwarder (Obsolete - use MX)
CNAME 5 the canonical name for an alias
SOA 6 marks the start of a zone of authority
MB 7 a mailbox domain name (EXPERIMENTAL)
MG 8 a mail group member (EXPERIMENTAL)
MR 9 a mail rename domain name (EXPERIMENTAL)
WKS 11 a well known service description
PTR 12 a domain name pointer
HINFO 13 host information
MINFO 14 mailbox or mail list information
MX 15 mail exchange
TXT 16 text strings
#define DNS_A 1
#define DNS_CNAME 5
#define DNS_PTR 12
#define DNS_AAAA 28
#define DNS_LOOKUP_A 1
#define DNS_IPV4 1
#define DNS_IPV6 2
#define DNS_REVERSE 3
#define DNS_PORT 53
#include <bdlib/src/String.h>
#include <bdlib/src/Array.h>
typedef void (*dns_callback_t)(int, void *client_data, const char *query, bd::Array<bd::String> answers);
int egg_dns_init(void);
//int egg_dns_shutdown(void);
void egg_dns_send(char *query, int len);
int egg_dns_lookup(const char *host, interval_t timeout, dns_callback_t callback, void *client_data, int type = (DNS_LOOKUP_A|DNS_LOOKUP_AAAA));
bd::Array<bd::String> dns_lookup_block(const char *host, interval_t timeout, int type = (DNS_LOOKUP_A|DNS_LOOKUP_AAAA));
int egg_dns_reverse(const char *ip, interval_t timeout, dns_callback_t callback, void *client_data);
bd::Array<bd::String> dns_reverse_block(const char *ip, interval_t timeout);
int egg_dns_cancel(int id, int issue_callback);
void tell_dnsdebug(int);
void dns_cache_flush();
bool valid_dns_id(int, int);
int reverse_ip(const char *host, char *reverse);
bd::String dns_find_ip(bd::Array<bd::String> ips, int af_type);
extern int dns_sock, dns_idx;
extern const char *dns_ip;
#endif /* !_EGG_DNS_H_ */
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