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Bare WM - A minimal fullscreen window manager for Linux

Bare WM is a full screen window manager aimed at those who spend their day cycling through windows instead of having 10 onscreen at a time.
It's a dumbed down version of Ratpoison's default behaviour (all windows open in fullscreen, with no ability to resize,just to cycle through).
For people who only use GNU Screen, Firefox  and/or Emacs all day long, it's really useful as it lets you use every free pixel of the screen.

Shouts to:
- dimigon ( thanks for the sighandler part :) and some other coding stuff I learned after your submitted patch )

$ tar -xvf barewm-0.2.tar.gz
$ cd barewm-0.2
$ vim conf.h
< edit settings / keys / colors >
$ make
$ sudo make install


$ vim ~/.xinitrc
exec xsetroot -cursor_name left_ptr -solid "Gray50" &
exec barewm
$ startx

example - create this, make it executable (chmod +x) and put it somewhere in your search path
-- cut here --
TEMP=$(cat /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THRM/temperature | awk '{print $2"C"}')
FREQ=$(cpufreq-info | awk '/current CPU frequency/ {print $5"MHz"}')
DATE=$(echo -n $(date +%B,\ %d\ -\ %I:%M\ %p))
SDA2=$(df -h | awk '/sda2/ {print $4"/"$2}')
INFO=$(echo -n "Storage: $SDA2 :: CPUFreq: $FREQ :: Temperature $TEMP :: $DATE")
echo -n "$INFO"
-- cut here --

Configuration is done by modifying the conf.h file and recompiling.
The default keybindings are:
- MOD = Left WIN key
- MOD + t : enter command mode
All following keys are issued when in command mode
- c : spawn terminal (defaults to urxvt)
- w : display window list
- q : kill selected window
- m : spawn launcher menu program (by default it uses dmenu)
- p : select previous window
- n : select next window
- s : show message containing output from the command defined at as STATUS in conf.h

1. Handle the timeout better.
2. Custom key bindings. Working on implementing message and spawn bindings for now.
   Useful if you want to set bindings to run your own scripts, for example to display system stats or whatnot
   using the built-in messaging system.
3. Maybe (MAYBE!) splitting. Atleast a 2 frame vertical splitting would be in order if I pursue this.
4. Named virtual workspaces
5. < to come >


29.04.2009 - Added a status feature (outputs the result from the command defined at STATUS)
           - Added options for custom cursors (only ones found in X11/cursorfont.h)