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Lifely is a Life Simulator made using HTML , CSS , Javascript and several other frameworks.
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Lifely - An Online Life Simulator

Created by wraithM17

Game Site -

What is this game ?

Lifely is a real life based life simulator where you start off with certain human attributes like health , morale , intellect and looks.
The main purpose of this game is to lead a life , experiment with it and live as long as possible or become filthy rich!

How do I play Lifely ?

There are 5 main (and 1 supplementary)buttons in this game.

  1. Actions - It is used to view / do actions related to your status (like Job , Education).
  2. Age More - It is used to spend a month in game. The time spent clicking it is constant and is 1 month.
  3. Profile - Used to view the user profile for information. More features to be added to it.
  4. Assets - It is used to view / buy assets. Currently not fully developed.
  5. Activities - It is used to do several activities ranging from going to hospital to commiting crime.
  6. Settings - It is used for configuring settings or checking info about the game.

Along with all these features, each features in it has several other options which allow you to play the game. Lifely also has purely random events which allow you to play the game whilst enjoying it. The random events are generally choice based with each choice having a consequence!

Note from Developer

Hello. I'd like to inform people interested in this project (has 12 stars as of now) that I would not be available much for at least a month due to real life academic reasons. Yes! I'm 16 and I have a crucial academic year to go through! This being said , I'd be fairly inactive on github / reddit from XX-0X-2020 and cannot say anything about my return. Hence , if some issue arises , you can either -

  1. Submit the issue and I will review and fix it. It can take a fair amount of time and I can't promise anything.
  2. Read the code and fix the issue yourself. After which , you can submit a pull request.
  3. Fix the issue and send me corrections using email

Contact Details

Reddit - wraithM17
Email -
Discord - wraithM17#2817 (Preferred)

Thank You For Taking Interest In Lifely!

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