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+ZenIRCBot and the Art of Pub/Sub
+* Speaker : Wraithan (Chris McDonald)
+* Available : Any
+* Length : 30-45 minutes
+[Pub/sub](–subscribe_pattern) has been
+growing in popularity for various pieces of infrastructure due to how much
+bigger our networks are getting. The publisher being able to completely ignore
+if there is anything listening or not and just fire off messages means that if
+a part of your infrastructure goes down it doesn't bring down the other parts.
+I'll be using my bot, [ZenIRCBot](, as a case study
+for pub/sub that is more approachable. ZenIRCBot connects to IRC then sends the
+things it receives into a [redis]( pub/sub channel, it also
+listens on a pub/sub channel for things to do such as sending messages to IRC
+channels. On the other side of these channels are services that listen for
+events, react, and send back things to do. Or maybe they just listen or just
+send things to do, there is no reason why they have to both listen and send
+commands, this is the beauty of this services based model.
+This talk will be comprised of:
+* A basic intro to Redis and what it is capable of.
+* What pub/sub is and some basic examples.
+* The case study: ZenIRCBot
+* Problems and other various difficulties I've faced.
+* Where is this project going?
+Speaker Bio
+By day, I am a python developer for Mozilla's webdev department, working on
+[Firefox Marketplace]( By night, I am a
+polyglot and love playing with new tools. node.js opened my eyes to the fact
+that writing JS can be fun when the focus isn't presentation and the DOM.
+* Company:
+* Github:
+* Twitter:

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