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+This is the next gen of my site, It is powered by Pelican_. It is
+divided into 3 sections:
+* Beta_ - The aggregation of the blogs for now until I get the blogger posts
+ imported and the kinks worked out.
+* Life_ - Where I rant about real life things like bicycling, losing weight,
+ relationships, names, etc.
+* SC2_ - Where I talk about StarCraft 2, topics such as: practice regime,
+ esports events, tools I've written, etc.
+* Tech_ - Where I brag about the cool things I build and the nitty gritty
+ details about how I got them done.
+If I know you, and you have a blog and want to be on my blogroll open an issue
+with the link. I reserve the right to remove your blog if it stops being
+updated or you are a jerk to me some time.
+.. _Pelican:
+.. _Beta:
+.. _Life:
+.. _SC2:
+.. _Tech:

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