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+:title: PyCon 2013
+:date: 2013-03-18
+I've spent the last week hanging out in Silicon Valley for PyCon as well as to
+hang out with my co-workers. This year's experience was very different from the
+previous years, which I can probably attribute to a couple things.
+First, I drove down with my friend and co-worker `Rob Hudson`_, which allowed me
+to bring my bicycle. Having a way to get around that isn't just relying on the
+public transit is pretty amazing. I've gotten lost a few times but overall it
+has been pretty fantastic. It also means I am not getting out of the habit of
+spending time on my bicycle each morning and evening.
+Second, I am sharing a house with co-workers and new friends of mine (Tarek_,
+Alexis_, Oliver_, and Julien_) which changes things pretty drastically. I no
+longer go back to a lonely hotel room, I have a comfortable house with
+friends. I can cook breakfast or dinner, spend time chatting with about code,
+projects and linguistics until late into the night, etc. It also means I am
+forced to explore the surrounding area a bit since I bike through it.
+Finally, I am a Mozilla employee this year. I am not a funemployed guy who has
+only worked at small time startups, instead I've worked on a high scale website
+at a company that plenty of people can recognize.
+It has been a wonderful time at PyCon, I have another day of sprints left, then
+I head to MV to hang out with my co-workers for a day before I take the long
+train ride back to Portland.
+.. _`Rob Hudson`:
+.. _Tarek:
+.. _Alexis:
+.. _Oliver:
+.. _Julien:
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