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PeerTrader is a web-service for automatic investing in P2P loans.
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To get PeerTrader up and runnging:

Clone peertrader, notescript, and groundhog-utils repositories

$ git clone
$ git clone
$ git clone
$ git clone

Create a cabal sandbox in notescript

$ cd notescript
$ cabal sandbox init

Create a sandbox in peertrader, link up notescript, and build

$ cd ../peertrader
$ cabal sandbox init
$ cabal sandbox add-source ../notescript
$ cabal sandbox add-source ../groundhog-utils
$ cabal sandbox add-source ../snaplet-ekg
$ cabal install -j

(hint: It might be helpful to install Snap first. cabal install snap -j)

Assuming that building was successful, create a peertrader database and load the schema.

Run peertrader (.cabal-sandbox/bin/peertrader), and the program will probably fail with various postgres errors. Allow peertrader to connect to postgres, and create the snap_auth_user table.

$ createdb peertrader
$ createuser -s -U postgres --interactive
$ psql -d peertrader -U postgres < sql/createtables.sql

Configure your market data account

Open prosper.cfg:

prosper {
    apiurl = ""
    username = ""
    password = "ProsperAPIPassword"

    log {
        logger = "MarketData"
        enabled = false # You can enable market data to be logged to a file
        location = "log/prosper.log"
        level = "DEBUG"

Open devel.cfg:

groundhog {
    host = "localhost"
    name = "peertrader"
    user = "postgres"

p2ppicks {
    apikey = "YourAPIKey"
    apisecret = "YourAPISecret"
    email = "yourp2ppicksemail"
    password = "p2ppickspassword"

You're ready to run PeerTrader!

$ .cabal-sandbox/bin/peertraderOps
$ .cabal-sandbox/bin/peertrader -p 8000 +RTS -N

Trademark notice

'PeerTrader' is a trademark of Deck Technologies, Inc.

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