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Rest/GraphQL APIs + React Components Generator 🔥

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Sugar Generator - API Edition

App Demo

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Quick Start

  1. Install the npm module
# install
npm i -g sugar-generate
  1. Create a json schema save, this to monkey.json
  "name": "monkey",
  "schema": {
    "name": {
      "type": "String",
      "default": ""
    "alive": {
      "type": "Boolean",
      "default": false
    "age": {
      "type": "Number",
      "default": false
  1. Generate your api and app
sugar-generate \
--schema monkey.json \
--destination ./my-monkeys

Boom, you now have:


  • GraphQL API
  • Working Tests


  • React create item form
  • React table that supports
    • search
    • sort
    • filter
    • pagination
    • edit item
    • create item

Start the API

cd ./my-monkeys/api
npm i
npm run start

# http://localhost:7777

Start the APP

cd ./my-monkeys/app
npm i
npm run dev

# http://localhost:3000

Behold Magic

A fully functioning react table and form with searching sorting filtering, editing, adding, global search, download, and refresh.

SugarKubes Generated App


GraphQL is on localhost:7777/graphql

Swagger is on localhost:7777

APP is on localhost:3000

API is on localhost:7777


API Documentation (generated back end)

App Documentation (generated front end)

Experimental Embeddable Components

What if you could remotely update your components without having to push new code?

Thats one question we're exploring with the experimental embeddable react components. There are of course cool ways to serve single pages as serverless functions but what's cooler would be a way for even non-technical people to update a database schema and a form or table in real time without writing any code.

  • Each component comes out in an embeddable format under /embed
  • TBD - How to easily deploy these and use them.


  • 8/5/19 support for mongo arrays in documents