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PBA - encryped blockchain address only visible to the owner / sender and receiver.
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Private Blockchain Addresses

Proposed anonymity feature : The Dark Blockchain / Private Blockchain Addresses.
PBA - encrypted blockchain address which are only visible to the owner / sender and receiver.

Developing Private Blockchain addresses - ideology

Blockchains are a way storing encrypted data. Current blockchains such as Bitcoins are pseudo anonimous for various reasons but a major one is information leakage at transfer, and storage of plain addresses in the blockchain.
The idea of developing PBA is to investigate whether it is possible to have a "Dark Blockchain" such that only the sender and receiver of coins can see unencrypted details of a transaction.

The white paper or functional requirement is currently being developed.

This is an open project to any contributor.

How to get involved in the project

Technology usage :

  • Documentation format : Markdown (Ref 1)
  • Document and Software control : Github
  • Task management : Trello (not implemented)

Resources request:

Volunteer contributors
Feathercoin Bounty (not implemented)
Other / Coin Bounties (not implemented)
Feathercoin [Dev] Thread :

Example work-flow - to contribute to documentation :

Using Github :

On GNU/Linux :

Join Github
install Git
Go to and request being added as a contributor

In a Terminal:

git clone
cd PrivateBlockchainAddress

Edit or Update a file with your changes e.g.

git status
git add ""

Add a commit message :

git commit -m "Improved work-flow description for Git in README"

Push your changes to Github :

git push
Go to and check your work has uploaded.


  1. Markdown
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