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tpetricek Merge pull request #272 from wrattler/fluid-output
Render Fluid charts in output pane. Enable linking between charts that use the hardcoded “renewables” dataset.
Latest commit 62c3c81 Feb 2, 2020
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client Garbage collect panes as they get replaced. Jan 30, 2020
deploy merge flask-data-store with arrow-test branches Mar 27, 2019
jupyterlab_wrattler Merge pull request #250 from wrattler/fixstyles Nov 25, 2019
resources No need to pass addOutput Nov 21, 2019
yarn.lock Ah, forgot about (manually populated) 'public/lcalc' folder. Rename t… Jan 30, 2020

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Wrattler is an polyglot notebook environment for exploratory data science. Wrattler uses provenance tracking to guarantee reproducibility of your data analyses. Its architecture makes it possible to mix multiple programming languages in a single notebook and also to create interactive tools that run fully in the web browser. Wrattler is available as an extension to JupyterLab, meaning that you can easily try it without leaving the tools you already know and love!

For more information about Wrattler, getting started and developer guides, see the Wrattler documentation.

Screenshot of Wrattler with Python and JavaScript code cells

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