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A utility for creating skeleton project directories.
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A utility for creating skeleton project directories.


$ mkproject TYPE NAME

Where TYPE is a project template, and NAME is the name of your project. Projects will be made in ~/Dev by default, but this can be overriden with the MKPROJECT_ROOT environmental variable. If you wanted to store your projects in ~/code, simply add export MKPROJECT_ROOT=~/code to your bash profile:

$ echo "export MKPROJECT_ROOT=~/code" >> ~/.bash_profile


mkprojectrc lives at ~/.mkproject/mkprojectrc and is an ini-style configuration file.


The defaults section allows you to provide your defaults for project variables.

author_name=Joe Bloggs

Project Templates

Project templates consist of two parts, a directory structure to be copied and an optional settings file. mkproject will check ~/.mkproject and then /etc/mkproject for a directory called TYPE.


Project template files may contain variables in the form ${var}, which will be replaced on file creation. The only variable available by default is name, which contains the project name. Additional variables must be registered in the settings file.


If supplied, the settings file must be named in the same directory as the project skeleton. There are 5 possible settings:


All variables aside name must be registered with a varspec in the format (var_name, default_value, description):

variables = (
    ('author_name', '', "Author's name"),
    ('author_email', '', "Author's email"),
    ('github_user', '', "Github username"),


path specifies where the directory structure will be copied to, and defaults to %(name)s. You may want to change this if, for example, you wanted to create a new virtualenv and copy the skeleton directory into a subdirectory of that environment.

path = 'src/%(name)s'


A tuple of commands to be executed before the project is created. Commands must be provided as a string, and standard python string formatting may be used for any variables. Commands are executed from $MKPROJECT_ROOT.

pre_commands = (
    'mkdir %(name)',
    'virtualenv --no-site-packages ./%(name)',


A tuple of commands to be executed after the project is created. Commands are executed from $MKPROJECT_ROOT/%(path)s.

post_commands = (
    'git init',
    'git remote add origin',
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