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Tampering Siri Proxy
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Sirious, the totally sirious Siri Proxy.


Sirious is a tampering proxy server for Apple's Siri Assistant, allowing you to extend Siri to add custom commands/functionality.

Sirious does not allow you to run Siri on an unauthorised (non-iPhone4S) device


Not really, but feel free to drop by #sirious on freenode.


The Plugin API should be pretty stable now, until I discover more stuff in the Siri Protocol we can abuse. Take a look at sirious.plugins.sirious_test for a pretty clear example


Install using the usual method:

$ python setup

Then you will need to run sirious-gencerts to generate your certificates for you. The location of these will be automatically calculated based on how you run/install Sirious. It will be either:


Inside an ssl subdir. If you wish to load plugins, or pass any configuration options, your config file should by sirious.cfg in the above directory. A sample config is provided with the package.

Once this is done, you can run sirious simply by typing its name!

$ sirious

You will now need to "poison" your DNS to point at your Sirious server. This is outside the scope of this readme, but I suggest dnsmasq.

Once this is done, navigate to on your iPhone, if the DNS changes were sucessful you should be offered the CA Certificate generated earlier. Accept/install this certificate and you can start using Siri via Sirious!


  • Applidium, without who I wouldn't have really known where to start with the Siri Protocol
  • plamoni/SiriProxy, sometimes it's nice to have a reference even in a language you don't speak :)
  • chendo, for some (albeit Rubyist) Plugin API inspiration
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