A tool to extract data from injectable ORDER BY clauses in MySQL
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This is a Node.js script that extracts data from a database using a URL vulnerable to an "ORDER BY" SQL injection point. This technique has been described by Joseph Keeler and Alexandre de Dommelin, among others, and is described by Portswigger as "the most common injection point within the SQL query structure."

A similar tool written in Perl has been demonstrated by Brian Cardinale. The vulnerability can be detected by sqlmap. The best method to protect against it is to whitelist ORDER BY parameters such that they can only be valid column names.

The script can be used from a command line as follows:

node bust.js [vulnerableURL] [targetFieldSelectStatement] [estimatedLength] [knownSortableColumn] [javascriptOrderTest] [cookies]

Where vulnerableURL is a URL ending in the injection point, knownSortableColumn is an existing sortable column in the vulnerable query, and javascriptOrderTest is a comparison (in Javascript) that returns whether the given response html is ordered ascending or descending with regard to knownSortableColumn.

For example:

node bust.js "http://vulnerable.com/admin.php?page=exploitable&OrderBy=" "SELECT user_pass FROM users WHERE ID = 1" 40 "ID" "html.lastIndexOf(\"[data id='1']\") < html.lastIndexOf(\"[data id='2']\")" "admincookie=blahblah;"

This script is provided as-is, with no warranties or guarantees of any kind. It does not throttle or conceal its requests in any way, and using it against a site you are not authorized to attack would be both illegal and a very bad idea.